7/11 Trick Dice

These Trick Dice Roll 7 or 11 on Every Roll!

Our 3/4” (19 mm) Red Transparent Trick Dice look like regular dice, but they roll seven or eleven on every single throw.

7/11 Trick Dice come in pairs that feature one die that has five dots on all sides and a second die that has three sixes and three twos on the sides.

Our 3/4” Seven/Eleven Trick Dice are great for promotions/mailings, special events, and much more.

Please note: Each pair of trick dice comes with a free pair of matching regular dice.

5/8 inch Poker Dice Set

7/11 Trick Dice Pairs
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7/11 Trick Dice
No. Description Net Quantity Pricing per Die
(per Pair of 7/11 Trick Dice)
25 100 250 500 1,000 2,500
1151B 7/11 Trick Dice Pairs $1.97 $1.17 $0.99 $0.93 $0.89 $0.73
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