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Gameparts Catalog

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Gameparts Products

1" Custom Dice, Opaque
1" Custom Dice, Transparent
1" Custom Dice, Wooden
2" Custom Jumbo Dice
2.5" Custom Jumbo Wooden Dice
3/4" Custom Casino Quality Dice
3/4" Custom Dice, Opaque
3/4" Custom Dice, Transparent
3/4" Custom Dice, Wooden
3/4" Value Line Custom Dice
5/8" Custom Dice, Opaque
5/8" Custom Dice, Transparent
5/8" Custom Dice, Wooden
Counting Cubes/Blank Dice
Custom Dice Cups
Custom Dice Bags & Dice
Custom Engraved Dice (20k Min.)
Custom Loaded Dice
Custom Dice Key Chains
Early American Decision Maker Dice
Playing Dice/Store Dice
Poker Dice, Bulk/Wholesale
Poker Dice, Custom Imprinted
Poker Dice in Imprinted Bag or Cup
Polyhedral Dice
QR Code Custom Dice
Trick Dice (Roll 7 or 11)
Domino Set in Drawstring Bag
Domino Set in a Wooden Box
Domino Set in Vinyl Case
Mini Travel Domino Set
Games (Custom-Imprinted)
Classic Strategy Game
Cribbage Travel Sets
"Five Chances" Dice Game
Magnetic Three-in-one Game
Magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Mancala Game
Tic-Tac-Toe Game (Blank Only)
Magic Tricks
Three Card Monte Card Trick
Number Mystery Trick
Cube in Box Mystery
Magic Drawer Box Trick
Magical Message Box
Miscellaneous Game Parts
Backgammon Pieces
Bagged Game Piece Sets
Bingo Chips
Card Stands
Chess Pieces
Counting Chips
Counting Cubes
Cribbage Pegs
Dice Cups, Plastic
Fake Money
Game Board Arrows
Game Markers
Game Pencils
Horse and Rider
Mini Pawns
Mini Poker Chips
Molded Cars
Pawns Large Bowling
Plastic Rings
Poker Chips, 1.5" Diameter
Rocket Ships
Sand Timers
Sports Cars (Extruded)
Square Spinners
Tokens, Full Color
Tokens, Molded / Embossed
Tokens, Round, Plastic
Tokens, Round, Wood
Velvet Bags, Blank or Custom
Zip-Top Bags
Playing Cards
100% Plastic Playing Cards in Custom Boxes
100% Plastic Playing Cards in Custom Cases
Playing Cards, Wholesale
Playing Cards in Custom Boxes
Playing Cards in Custom Cases
Poker Chips
10.5 Gram Ceramic Poker Chips, Full Color (Edge-to-Edge Print)
10 Gram Ceramic Poker Chips, Full Color
Clay Poker Chips
Plastic Poker Chips
Poker Chip Sets in Cases

Pre-Bagged Game Pieces & Custom Bagged Game Piece Sets

You Can Choose From Customized Bagged Game Pieces or Our Pre-Bagged Game Parts

Our Pre-Bagged Game Pieces offer an economical and convenient way to meet your game component needs. Each bag of game pieces comes heat-sealed in a clear plastic bag or enclosed in a zip-top clear plastic bag.

Game piece colors are based on the quantity of game parts in each bag:

  • 4 Game Pawns: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Game Pieces
  • 6 Game Pawns: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, and Yellow Game Pieces
  • 8 Game Pawns: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, White, and Yellow, Game Pieces
  • Dice are 16mm (5/8") standard white dice
We can make Bagged Game Piece Sets from any of the Game Parts you see on our website – see examples below!

If the Bagged Game Pieces you are looking for are not listed below, please contact us for a custom quote!

Pre-Bagged Game Pieces

No. Description Quantity Pricing per Bag
100 250 500 1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000 Order Now
8195 2 Dice, Bagged $1.29 $0.93 $0.57 $0.34 $0.32 $0.27 $0.25 Buy One Now
8201 4 Pawns, Bagged $1.19 $0.87 $0.55 $0.31 $0.29 $0.26 $0.24 Buy One Now
8202 6 Pawns, Bagged $1.39 $0.97 $0.59 $0.35 $0.33 $0.29 $0.27 Buy One Now
8203 8 Pawns, Bagged $1.49 $1.07 $0.65 $0.39 $0.35 $0.31 $0.29 Buy One Now
8900 4 Pawns and 1 Die, Bagged $1.55 $1.17 $0.69 $0.43 $0.39 $0.37 $0.35 Buy One Now
8800 4 Pawns and 2 Dice, Bagged $1.73 $1.27 $0.79 $0.45 $0.42 $0.39 $0.37 Buy One Now
8300 6 Pawns and 1 Die, Bagged $1.67 $1.23 $0.75 $0.44 $0.41 $0.38 $0.36 Buy One Now
8200 6 Pawns and 2 Dice, Bagged $1.89 $1.47 $0.87 $0.49 $0.45 $0.41 $0.39 Buy One Now
8207 8 Pawns and 1 Die, Bagged $1.87 $1.43 $0.85 $0.47 $0.43 $0.41 $0.39 Buy One Now
8206 8 Pawns and 2 Dice, Bagged $2.09 $1.57 $0.89 $0.53 $0.47 $0.45 $0.43 Buy One Now
For Custom Bagged Game Pieces, Please Call 1-800-980-0403

Examples of Custom Game Piece Sets We've Made for Our Clients:
Pre Bagged Game Pieces
5 Mini Poker Chips and two
16mm White Dice
Pre Bagged Game Pieces
4 Car Game Pieces and
one 12mm Black Die
Pre Bagged Game Pieces
6 1" Game Pawns and two
Custom 16mm Dice
Pre Bagged Game Pieces
4 Plastic Rockets and one
16mm Green Transparent Die
Pre Bagged Game Pieces
8 Large Board Game Pawns, 1
Sand Timer, and 2 16mm Dice

Call 1-800-980-0403 Today for a Quote!
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