For more information on any of Gameparts' products or to order, please contact us at the following:

Email: sales@gameparts.net



You may return most new, unopened and unaltered non-custom items purchased from Gameparts within 30 days of delivery for a full product refund.  Refunds are not available for customized pieces or special order items.  We cannot accept returns after 30 days.

In order for us to process your return, you must contact us to obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. This number must appear on the boxes used to return your items.

Unless you received an incorrect or defective item, it is your responsibility to pay for return shipping fees. In addition, you are responsible for paying a 15% restocking fee.


Your name, physical address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card number, and purchase history, as well as any other private information you provide to us, is maintained in our secure database. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of your information.

We also gather data about how visitors navigate through our Web site by using Webalizer Version 2.01. This information is only used for the purposes of improving our understanding of customer preferences. We do not share navigation information with third parties.


Vector-Based Art:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS3: Convert all text to outlines
  • Adobe InDesign CS2: Convert all text to outlines

Raster Based Art:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2: Flatten all text, Minimum 300 dpi, sized to imprint area

All art should be clean, properly sized, and color-separated.

Unacceptable art will be subject to art charges.


Gameparts Standard Imprint PMS Colors

The following charts show our standard imprint colors for all our items.

For an imprint color different from those listed below, a $30 net PMS charge applies per color.

NOTE: PMS color matches are as close as possible. An exact color match is not guaranteed.

Standard Imprint Colors for Opaque and Transparent Dice (excluding Loaded Dice) and Dominoes:

Dice Imprint Color Lemon
020 Lemon
Dice Imprint Color Medium Yellow
021 Medium Yellow
Dice Imprint Color Yellow Orange
022 Yellow Orange
Dice Imprint Color Carmine Red
032 Carmine Red
Dice Imprint Color Bright Red
035 Bright Red
Dice Imprint Color Vermillion
036 Vermillion
Dice Imprint Color Dark Brown
045 Dark Brown
Dice Imprint Color Ultramarine Blue
055 Ultramarine Blue
Dice Imprint Color Brilliant Blue
057 Brilliant Blue
Dice Imprint Color Dark Blue
058 Dark Blue
Dice Imprint Color Yellow Green
064 Yellow Green
Dice Imprint Color Brilliant Green
068 Brilliant Green
Dice Imprint Color White
070 White
Dice Imprint Color Black
073 Black
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Standard Imprint Colors for all Other Imprinted Products (excludes those in 1. above):

Imprint Color Lemon
920 Lemon
Imprint Color Light Yellow
922 Light Yellow
Imprint Color Medium Yellow
924 Medium Yellow
Imprint Color Orange
926 Orange
Imprint Color Vermillion
930 Vermillion
Imprint Color Silver
191 Silver
Imprint Color Process Yellow
429 Process Yellow
Imprint Color Scarlet Red
932 Scarlet Red
Imprint Color Carmine Red
934 Carmine Red
Imprint Color Magenta
936 Magenta
Imprint Color Violet
950 Violet
Imprint Color Ultramarine Blue
952 Ultramarine Blue
Imprint Color Pale Gold
192 Pale Gold
Imprint Color Process Red
439 Process Red
Imprint Color Medium Blue
954 Medium Blue
Imprint Color Brilliant Blue
956 Brilliant Blue
Imprint Color Blue Green
960 Blue Green
Imprint Color Grass Green
962 Grass Green
Imprint Color Brown
940 Brown
Imprint Color Rich Gold
193 Rich Gold
Imprint Color Process Blue
459 Process Blue
Imprint Color Black
980 Black
Imprint Color White
970 White
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